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IrishFest Denver, CO.

I had the opportunity to create the branding and overall aesthetic for Irishfest Denver, a weekend long St. Patrick’s Day celebration held in the Ballpark District of Denver, Colorado. We wanted something that would be timeless and instantly recognizable that also tied itself to the Irish heritage and the local community. Adding a simple mountain form with a traditional 3-leaf clover, I felt, accomplished just that. I created a few different variations for the client to use in a variety of situations.

In addition to the branding, I also helped with the creation of local advertisements. I created a set of street light banners that can be used year in and year out.

A festival is only as good as the swag you get. It was really cool seeing my work on everyone’s koozies, coffee cups, and beer mugs all weekend long. However it was a dangerous perk to have unlimited access to the drink tokens.