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Security Products Companies is a security leader for Banks and Credit Unions. The offer all the services required to help banks and credit unions thrive from Security systems to mobile apps. As a member of their marketing department I had the pleasure to lead a rebranding effort of the entire company. SPC consisted of 5 separate services, this restructuring would condense them into 3. I created a main logo for SPC that would embody the holistic approach bring for their clients as well as an icon set to clearly identify the separate services they offer.

The website was the main focus of the rebranding. For years the websites we were capable of creating for our clients did not reflect in our own. I pushed to bring our website design and copy into the modern era. Beautiful full width photographs and clever copywriting to catch the viewer's attention. The main site would be separated into 3 sections to highlight those services. Using specific brand colors and the icons I was able to give each section it's own feel while still being apart of SPC as a whole. Unfortunately those leading this project were let go before it was completed and priorities shifted. I left SPC shortly thereafter and my design has been butchered beyond recognition.

During my time at SPC, they had their first employee celebrate his 25th year with the company. To celebrate such an event the CEO tasked me to create a special plaque that would be given to each member of the newly formed "American Eagle Club Member.' I employed hand lettering to create the large 25 and then embeleished the background with design elements found in the architecture of the office building. My custom lettering (numbering, I guess) was then laser cut out of some heavy cardstock and placed on the poster to create more depth. Each plaque is completed with a gold coin from 1971, the year SPC was founded. All design and copywriting were done by me.