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Stashit is a personal finance app that was born out of the 'The Latte Factor,' which basically tells you to skip buying that expensive coffee every morning and instead save that money. It's a little bit at a time, but eventually you will see some big savings. I created everything for this app, including the logo and icons seen in the screens. The logo was designed around the idea of small amounts of money will add up to something bigger, so we can see the shape of dollar bills coming together to create the mark.

I created many screens to show how a user would navigate through the app. You can see an overview of your stash to see how close you are to your saving goals, you can have just one stash or section it off to save up for multiple purchases. This app goes beyond just skipping coffee however, you can personalize your homescreen with many different everyday small purchases, you can set the amount of such items. Simply clicking an item and confirming it will send that money that would've been wasted straight into a savings account of your choice. Of course you can set a daily limit or goal to the amount you can transfer so a toddler won't accidently cause you to overdraft.